Corporate Members Meeting on Research Priorities 2016

On January 25th, CEPS hosted its Corporate Members (CMs), as one of its crucial stakeholder groups, at a wide-ranging discussion of CEPS’ research priorities for 2016.  The main objectives of the meeting were i) to present an overview of the planned research activities for the coming year and ii) to collect feedback on and input into these activities.

After hearing a brief general overview of the year’s programme, the participants were divided into four parallel sessions, which provided a platform for interactive exchanges between the researchers and the corporate representatives, emphasising the cross-sectoral and cross-thematic character of CEPS’ research. Following these intense exchanges, the CM representatives were invited to continue their discussions with CEPS’ researchers in an informal New Year’s networking cocktail. A survey conducted among the participants following the meeting revealed a very high level of satisfaction (around 90%) and a desire to have this become an annual event in future.