Consumer behaviour online –implications for copyright and the Digital Single Market


In light of the recent movement by a large number of consumers away from traditional media to, for example, streaming services, CEPS organised a seminar on October 5th, chaired by Colin Blackman (Director, CEPS Digital Forum), to explore the implications for the DSM in general and particularly for copyright. René Arnold (WIK Consult) described trends in consumer behaviour in accessing audiovisual content and called for policy to support content distribution to promote broadband take-up. Jaime de Mendoza Fernandez (European Commission) outlined the proposed new rules on cross-border portability of online content services and plans to make EU copyright rules fit for the digital age. Questioning whether the proposals would deliver a modern copyright framework, Agustín Reyna (BEUC) was disappointed by the limited plans on geo-blocking and critical of the obligation for online platforms to detect and take down videos containing parts of copyrighted work as it would punish millions of consumers. Felice Simonelli (CEPS) thought the Commission’s approach on geo-blocking and copyright were unlikely to meet the EU’s need for a well-functioning DSM where consumers can access and purchase goods and services across borders via the internet. In contrast, Catherine Starkie (European Magazine Media Association) welcomed proposals to extend related rights to publishers, arguing that piracy was a significant problem.