Competition Commissioner Margarethe Vestager at CEPS Corporate Breakfast

Commissioner Vestager reflected on her first year in office and on the current state of competition policy when she was a guest at a CEPS Corporate Breakfast meeting on October 13th. Chaired by CEPS Director of Corporate and External Relations Kerstin Born-Sirkel, Commissioner Vestager made the point that competition policy is based on the fundamental values of the European Union, and can be considered a key instrument in the functioning of the single market. She also touched on issues of capacity mechanisms in the energy market, the requirements of a consolidated telecoms market and current challenges in the banking sector. The Commissioner made the point that the same principles-driven rules should be applied in a non-discriminatory and transparent way, and held discussions with corporate members on the level of consolidation needed in the telecoms market, the rules of transfer pricing, investment conditions in Europe and how access to digital data and recourse to data analytics and algorithms could represent either a competitive advantage or a new barrier to market entry.