Commission VP Šefčovič outlines next steps for the energy union


CEPS was pleased to welcome Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič at a breakfast meeting on January 26th, at which he reviewed the key aspects of the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” proposals of November 2016. The wide-ranging discussion addressed numerous topics, including the growing role of electricity consumers and prosumers, energy poverty, emissions standards for cars, as well as increased data gathering on freight and heavy-duty vehicles. He also spoke about the importance of advancing the progress of the ETS and EDS proposals so as to provide a stronger carbon price, coupled with the protection of industries exposed to carbon leakage. The provision of better regulatory stability to enable increased investment, including investor protection against retroactive changes to national support policies, and improving cross-border interconnections, both within and beyond the EU to neighbourhood countries were among his other priorities. While the EU can often play a regulatory and coordinating role, Šefčovič cautioned that much has to be done at national and local level. The Commission Vice-President stated, however, that the EU is well placed to take the lead in technology integration and the development of new solutions, for example on micro-grids.