Combatting counterfeiting and illicit trade


The practice of counterfeiting has led not only to a reduction in legitimate sales across all EU member states, but also  to significant tax losses estimated  to total €11.5 billion per year and a negative impact on businesses and employment. In light of the magnitude of these damages, CEPS hosted a seminar on May 20th, in cooperation with MSLGROUP, designed to share and discuss the latest research results and policy approaches to prevent counterfeiting and illicit trade within and outside the EU. Representatives from the OECD, the World Customs Organisation and the European institutions presented the results of their latest research and efforts to tackle the problem through the application of new technologies. Among the themes debated were the growing economic impact of counterfeiting and illicit trade, international and European initiatives promoting anti-counterfeiting technologies and cooperation among stakeholders in designing and applying supply chain security technology.