CETA: Where do we stand now?


The recent debate on transatlantic trade, which has mainly focused on TTIP, has also re-opened the discussion on the merits of the EU-Canadian Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA), negotiations for which were concluded in September 2014. Even if the agreement is now finally approaching its final stages, a solid debate is still needed to understand what this deal can deliver for the EU and for Canada. Against this background, CEPS in cooperation with the Centre for International Governance and Innovation (CIGI) based in Ottawa, organised on May 18-19th a high-level conference entitled “CETA: A good deal for the EU?”. The event was kicked off by the Canadian Ambassador to the EU, Daniel J. Costello, and co-chaired by Jacques Pelkmans, Senior Fellow at CEPS, and Patrick Leblond, Senior Fellow at CIGI. The event touched on the most sensitive chapters of the agreement that have animated the debate in recent months, notably the revised mechanism for investor to state dispute settlement and the negative list approach adopted in the services chapter. Sessions also focused on the geopolitical strategy behind the surge of mega-regional agreements and their impact on business. The two centres will organise a follow up conference in Ottawa in September.