CEPS provides an independent voice on the future of the EU budget

On January 28th, the Dutch Presidency to the EU held a high-level event in Amsterdam dedicated to the future Multi-annual Financial Framework. At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Núñez Ferrer prepared a briefing paper for the event and spoke at the session on financing the EU budget, together with the Head of the EU’s High-Level Group on Own Resources, Mario Monti, and Janusz Lewandowski, former Commissioner for the EU budget. He was invited to contribute to this event in his capacity as leader of the consortium preparing the independent external study for the High-Level Group. In his presentation, Núñez Ferrer showed how the net balance approach to EU budget financing is no longer tenable due to broad changes in the operations of the EU budget. These led him to advocate changes in the EU resources subject to clear step-by-step reforms on the expenditure side where needed. Ultimately he argued that the EU needed a better budget not only to justify the resources it receives, but also to address efficiently the multiple and rapidly-changing challenges facing the EU.