CEPS presents research results for Ageing Working Group

Mikkel Barslund (CEPS) and Alan Walker (University of Sheffield) were invited by the European Policy Committee (EPC) of the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN) of the European Commission to present the interim findings of their MoPAct project (Mobilising the Potential of Active ageing in Europe) on May13th. The particular audience was the Working Group on Ageing Populations and Sustainability (AWG).  The AWG was constituted to contribute to improving the quantitative assessment of the long-term sustainability of public finances and economic consequences of ageing populations of the EU Member States, with a view to assisting policy formation. The key messages from the MOPACT project at this stage highlight the need for policy-makers to tackle growing inequality in older age, by increasing social engagement of older people and pension income adequacy while addressing the financial sustainability of European welfare states. A key ingredient in achieving this aim is to prolong working lives. However, as emphasised, the promising potential to extend working lives is threatened by stagnating Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE), even though at the same time research on the biology of ageing offers strategies to support health across the life course to support increases in HLE. The project also emphasises the potential of ICT-based assistive technologies to support independent living for the increasing share of older people, and the potential of social innovation to help them realise active ageing outcomes. The final conference of the project will be held in November.