CEPS launches new network on EU citizens’ rights

The Justice and Home Affairs unit at CEPS has recently been awarded funding by DG JUST to establish a new academic network on European Citizenship Rights. The EU-CITZEN Network, composed of CEPS (as coordinator), the Danish Institute for Human Rights, ICCR Budapest Foundation, Maastricht University, the European University Institute and Tallinn University of Technology, aims to provide the European Commission with the best independent scholarly knowledge and advice on rights and related policies of EU citizenship and their implementation in EU member states and third countries of relevance. On January 17th, the main leaders of the Network (CEPS and Maastricht University) met with DG Justice for a kick-off meeting to discuss the agenda and priorities for 2018. Throughout the coming year, CEPS will be working alongside the EU-CITZEN partners and various national experts to study European citizenship and its relationship to the political participation of mobile EU citizens. The work will feed into the European Commission’s priorities in the run-up to the European elections in 2019. Among other projects, EU-CITZEN will produce two reports on European citizenship and the electoral participation of EU citizens, organise an academic workshop in collaboration with the Commission and provide DG Justice with research-based responses to queries from the Commission.