CEPS launches CEPS Academy

In September, CEPS launched a new set of post-graduate educational and training activities, organised under the name of the CEPS Academy. The objective of this programme is to prepare the next generation of policy-makers by leveraging on CEPS’ extensive expertise and knowledge of EU policy-making. The initiative is aimed at both students and professionals who want to update or improve their understanding of the European Union.

The first initiative of the CEPS Academy was a Summer School on Economic and Financial Governance of EMU, held beginning of September in Brussels. Some 31 participants attended from across Europe and also from Japan, Turkey and Argentina. The ultimate aim was to immerse the students in a uniquely European environment in which to improve their understanding of the EU’s complex system of governance and contribute to stimulating group discussions.

The classes were conducted by highly experienced CEPS researchers, who were able to integrate the most recent developments in EU policies in their lectures with practical activities. The classes were complemented by workshops led by policy-makers from different EU institutions. The learning programme combined lectures with problem-solving simulations, discussion groups and study visits to EU institutions.

In the coming months, CEPS will launch another educational project under the auspices of the CEPS Academy – the Integrated Programme in European Policy Studies (IPEPS). Funded by the European Commission under the ‘Jean Monnet Support to institutions and associations’ programme, the IPEPS project foresees a close collaboration with several European Universities in the framework of their Masters Programme. More information will be provided in the coming weeks.