CEPS-Hitachi Forum on European Social Innovation


The transportation sector dramatically highlights how the rapid evolution of technology and new business models is leading to innovation and how its widespread diffusion offers potential solutions to societal challenges. In combination, these trends can significantly contribute to long-term prosperity and inclusive, sustainable growth. Against this background, CEPS and Hitachi jointly organised the first European Social Innovation Forum on the topic "Smart Transportation for a 21st Century Society", held November 30th at Autoworld, the vintage car museum in Brussels. The forum was opened by Hitachi CTO Norihiro Suzuki. Representatives from the European institutions, including Nikolaus von Peter (Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Violeta Bulc), Michael Cramer (MEP) and Herald Ruijters (Director of DG Move), exchanged views with experts from academia, business, city representatives and NGOs on the ability of existing and emerging innovation technologies to respond to rapidly evolving challenges. The European Commission’s Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area was presented, and the question of whether EU policies are likely to facilitate or hamper these developments was debated. Finally, the participants explored a variety of possible new avenues for innovation-friendly EU policy choices.