CEPS ENGAGE Fellowship with the support of OSIFE

CEPS launched the ENGAGE Fellowship Programme with the support of the Open Society Initiative for Europe. This tailor-made programme connects academic, civil society and think tank actors from Central and Eastern European and Western Balkans countries with EU-level policy debates. It consists of a one-year programme providing a set of training sessions, study visits, public events and a policy brief writing exercise. It will culminate in the active participation of the selected fellows in the 2018 CEPS Ideas Lab. The ENGAGE Fellowship takes a rule-of-law approach to the policy domains of rights, security and economics. Five highly-qualified fellowship members have been selected from Albania, Hungary, Kosovo, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Poland. From the 12th to the15th of June, CEPS organised a training week for the Fellowship members in Brussels. It consisted of lectures on EU policies, skills workshops on e.g. policy brief writing and research communication, meetings with EU policymakers, supervision of written output and discussions on the research-policy nexus.

The next event of the Fellowship will be a conference on the Rule of Law, taking place from 14-15 September 2017 in Skopje.