CEPS Corporate Membership

EU policies and regulations have a profound impact on the operating environment of global companies invested in Europe. Corporate Membership at CEPS provides these companies with a steady flow of original insights, in-depth, authoritative studies and priority invitations to a wide range of events focusing on the European Union and its role in the world. CEPS Corporate Members also enjoy the opportunity to interface directly with EU decision-makers in a variety of settings, both formal and informal, to contribute their views to the policy-making process.

Among the specific benefits of Corporate Membership, CEPS offers …

  • Online or live participation in CEPS Webinars given by our expert researchers.
  • Preferential participation in CEPS Task Forces, to explore all dimensions of a particular area of EU regulation and to formulate recommendations to policy-makers.
  • Attendance at CEPS Corporate Breakfasts, where policy issues are debated in a confidential setting with Commissioners and  high-level EU policy-makers.
  • A neutral platform for co-hosting special events with CEPS, ensuring a well-informed and balanced discussion.
  • Individual briefings with CEPS researchers for all management levels.
  • Participation in CEPS Membership Meetings (4-5/month) for company employees.
  • Significant discount on participation fees for various CEPS conferences.
  • Invitation to the CEPS annual conference, restyled in 2014 as the CEPS Ideas Lab.
  • Free copy in print, on request, of each new CEPS publication (+ 120 titles/year; 10-12 books).
  • Weekly email updates about CEPS events and new titles, with links to download the texts.

Corporate members join CEPS with the purpose of...

  • Promoting an informed and balanced debate on European affairs,
  • Getting independent insights into the debate on political issues and legislative proposals,
  • Gaining additional knowledge on issues and advancing the debate by providing input themselves.

Corporate members do not necessarily support or agree with the outcome of research conducted by researchers from CEPS as an independent Think Tank. 

Rules for corporate membership

Corporate members are committed to respecting the independence of CEPS' research. Their membership in CEPS is automatically renewed unless they give three months notice prior to the renewal of their membership. In the event that CEPS increases the membership fee, it needs to inform the corporate member one month prior to the three months stated above.

Inner Circle Membership
Some CEPS Corporate Members choose to upgrade their membership status to become an Inner Circle Member. In addition to the benefits listed above, companies can discuss their special interests directly with CEPS. Inner Circle Members may request individualised briefing sessions for their board members or top management given by CEPS experts. Please enquire about other special services or activities CEPS can offer your company, tailored to its special needs.

Annual Fees

The basic CEPS Corporate Membership fee is €15,000 per annum (+21% VAT if applicable). Reduced fees apply for smaller corporations. 
Inner Circle Corporate Membership is €30,000 (+21% VAT if applicable).

Application form for the CEPS Corporate Membership

For further information, please contact Diana Musteata, Kerstin Born-Sirkel, Corporate Relations Coordinator, +32 2 229 39 34 or diana.musteata@ceps.eu.