CEPS Academy at work: Critical and constructive thinking about the European project

CEPS has just concluded another intense and successful year of training and educational activities within the so-called CEPS Academy. The CEPS Summer School on economic and financial governance of EMU (now in its third year) took place in the week of September 4-9th, with the participation of a highly motivated and knowledgeable group of young scholars and officials from EU institutions, central banks and member state governments. Earlier in the summer, CEPS ran the new Integrated Programme in European Policy Studies (IPEPS), the 8-week graduate module on European policy studies, attended by MA-level students from eight different European universities. These schools have now become partners in the CEPS Academy.

Creating this critical mass of educational activities has been made possible by the rich and deep well of expertise and knowledge available at CEPS on EU policies, combined with its in-house capacity to carry out academically-grounded research. Conducting such training and educational activities substantiates the CEPS mission to act as a leading forum fostering informed and open discussions of EU policies. It also contributes to the CEPS brand, as an emerging hub promoting critical and constructive thinking about the European project among students and young professionals.

For more information, contact Cinzia Alcidi, CEPS Senior Fellow and Coordinator of the CEPS Academy, or visit the website (https://www.ceps.eu/content/ceps-academy).