The Business Consequences of the Emerging EU Emissions Trading Scheme

CEPS Task Force Report:
Business Consequences of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
Authors: Christian Egenhofer, Noriko Fujiwara & Kyriakos Gialoglou

This report examines the effects of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) on the business environment. While the main focus is the 2008-12 period with possible incremental improvements, the report also takes a strategic perspective by looking beyond 2012. The analysis begins with the question of whether the EU ETS can be expected to achieve the declared objectives to create the necessary incentives for the power and energy-intensive sector for behavioural changes in the short and medium term and to encourage investment in low-carbon generation technologies in the long term. It then asks whether and how both design and implementation might be adapted to improve the EU ETS.

Date Published: 1 February 2005

Yngve Stade, Senior Executive Vice President, StoraEnso


Christian Egenhofer, CEPS Senior Fellow

Noriko Fujiwara, CEPS Fellow

Kyriakos Gialoglou, former CEPS Fellow



1st meeting: 16 Dec 2003
2nd meeting: 5 Feb 2004
3rd meeting: 27 Apr 2004
4th meeting: 22 Jun 2004
5th meeting: 10 Sept 2004


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