Audiovisual media services within the Digital Single Market

With the long-awaited proposal of the European Commission to reform the audiovisual media services Directive (AVMSD) released on May 25th, the LSE Media Policy Project partnered with the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) to organise a conference on June 15th. Owing to the increasing diversity of content delivery models and changing patterns in production and consumption of audiovisual goods, regulators are refining EU rules to ensure fair market competition while extending them to new services and safeguarding key public-interest principles. Chaired by Sally Broughton-Micova (LSE Media Policy Project & UEA Centre for Competition Policy) and Colin Blackman (CEPS), the event aimed to bring representatives of member states with smaller audiovisual media markets to Brussels to air their views on the Commission’s proposal. As a keynote speaker, Lorena Boix Alonso (Head of Converging Media and Content, DG Connect) clearly explained the rationale behind the new proposal, while scholars from Hungary, Estonia, Spain, Poland and other countries presented new research findings and evidence to broaden the discussions about the future of audiovisual media services in Europe. Discussants from both public services and the private sector were also invited to comment on the trickle-down effects of the proposal on their activities. Read more information here.