30 Years of Schengen

CEPS marked the passage of 30 years since the signing of the first Schengen Agreement in 1985 with a major conference celebrating the main achievement of free movement throughout Europe. But the event, organised in partnership with King’s College London and Sciences-Po Medialab, also provided an occasion to examine the Agreement’s main challenges and shortcomings The conference brought together an impressive list of guest speakers from various sectors (world of policy-making, academia and diplomacy) with expertise ranging from the freedom of movement to the control of movement (border management, visas and refugees), EU criminal justice and police and Intelligence cross-border cooperation. Within this framework, in the context of the European Union’s FP7 Source societal security project, the conference fostered an active, pluralistic debate over the Schengen Area, its achievements, challenges and ways to overcome them. The background paper of the conference provided an insightful, critical analysis of ‘What is happening to the Schengen borders?’ and offered a state of play in the Schengen system in light of the developments during 2015.