11 September 2017! Deadline to register as participant in new Task Force on Asset Allocation


In the coming years, asset allocation will be impacted by the changing macroeconomic environment, evolving investor demographics, technology and regulation. Participants at the launch of the CEPS/ECMI Task Force on June 14th debated short vs long-term investment issues and the outlook for the asset management industry in Europe. More detailed information is available on the ECMI website. The second meeting, scheduled for 24 October 24th, will focus on asset allocation by/for institutional investors, such as insurance companies and pension funds. The third meeting, to take place in December, will examine in more detail the challenges for retail investors. The final report will be presented at a public event to high-level policymakers and market participants in the first quarter of 2018.

If you are interested to join this Task Force, please review the prospectus and return the registration form before Monday, 11 September 2017.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cosmina Amariei by email at: cosmina.amariei@ceps.eu or by phone on +32 222 93 955