CEPS Corporate Membership

CEPS Corporate membership, designed for multinational corporations and other large and medium-sized companies, gives access to state-of-the-art research and participation in a dynamic forum for networking and exchanging ideas. Corporations join CEPS with the aim of promoting an informed and balanced debate on European affairs, obtaining independent insights into the debate on various political issues and advancing the debate by providing input themselves. CEPS’ research is subdivided into 6 research areas: Economy & Finance; Regulation & Digital; Energy & Climate Change; Rights & Security; Institutions; and Europe in the World. Its broad orientation allows it to look across sectors and adapt to changing policy priorities.

How to become a CEPS Corporate Member?

Please fill out this form, and email it to Diana Musteata.

Annual Fee

The basic CEPS Corporate Membership fee is €15,000 per annum (+21% VAT if applicable). Reduced fees apply for smaller corporations. CEPS membership is automatically renewed unless the member gives notice three months prior to the expiration date of their membership. Corporate Members commit to fully respect the independence of CEPS’ research.

CEPS Current Corporate Members

Click here to view the full list of CEPS Corporate Members.

Why join CEPS as a Corporate Member?

Our members enjoy a number of excellent services, including …

1. CEPS Corporate Breakfast Meetings

Participation in regular Corporate Breakfast meetings is an exclusive benefit for Corporate Members. CEPS Corporate Members have the opportunity to meet and interact with Commissioners and other high-level policy-makers from the European institutions in an informal setting.


2. Participation in CEPS Ideas Lab, our annual high-level event attracting over 700 participants, provides an innovative platform of exchange among think tanks and academics, representatives of national governments, businesses, NGOs and European institutions. The purpose of the Ideas Lab is to break through the so-called “Brussels bubble” with a view to giving a voice to important actors from the national level and outside of Brussels and bringing new research results into the debate. This year's CEPS Ideas Lab will take place on 22-23 February, devoted to the theme “Europe-Back on Track”. 


3. Membership in influential CEPS Task Forces

On behalf of its Corporate Members, CEPS organises Task Forces to investigate and explore policy options in important industrial, financial or regulatory issues. Task Force groups meet 3-4 times over a period of 8-15 months, under the leadership of a well-known chairperson knowledgeable in the subject area. An experienced CEPS researcher acts as rapporteur who writes the final report, which is then published and widely disseminated by CEPS at the end of the process.

4. CEPS Corporate Webinar meetings

Corporate Members receive online access to web-streamed corporate seminars called CEPS Webinars, which are organised monthly. This service delivers directly to CEPS members well-informed insights on topics of highest importance to Europe, from our expert researchers, in real-time communications. The webinars last one hour and typically start at 12h30. 

5. More benefits for CEPS Corporate Members …

  • Free participation in CEPS membership lunchtime meetings, conferences and workshops for all employees of Corporate Members
  • A neutral platform for co-hosting special events with CEPS, ensuring a well-informed and balanced discussion
  • Individual briefings by CEPS research fellows
  • Significant discount on participation fees for various CEPS externally co-organised events
  • Visibility of company’s name on the CEPS website and Annual Report 
  • Free hard-copies (on request) and online access to all CEPS publications
  • Weekly email updates on CEPS events and all new titles published
  • Monthly e-newsletter 
  • The option to commission independent research on a topic of joint interest
  • Significant discount on participation fees for CEPS Summer School. CEPS Summer School offers a unique setting in which participants can deepen their understanding of the EU’s complex system of governance and share their views in stimulating group discussions. Click here to learn more about CEPS Summer School.


Inner Circle Membership

Some CEPS Corporate Members elect to become more deeply involved in the CEPS meetings and research programme by upgrading their membership status to become an Inner Circle Member. In addition to the benefits listed above, companies can discuss their special interests directly with CEPS’ network of experts. Please enquire about other special services or activities that CEPS can offer your company, tailored to your particular needs and interests.

Inner Circle Corporate Membership fee is €30,000 (+21% VAT if applicable).


More details needed?

Contact our Corporate Membership Office, Diana Musteata, by phone: +32 (0)2 229 3934 or per email: diana.musteata@ceps.eu.