What the Quad meeting on Ukraine should agree on

The Quad meeting of Ukraine, the EU, Russia and the US, apparently scheduled for the week beginning 14 April, should be used as an exceptionally important opportunity to stabilise the political situation in Ukraine and set the country on a fresh path of national recovery.

To this end the four parties should agree as follows:

1. There should be no further attempts to promote separatism, such as unauthorised referendums.

2. All illegal occupation of public buildings should be stopped immediately.

3. All barricades should be dismantled.

4. All unofficial militias and so-called self-defence groups should be disarmed immediately.

5. Preparations should continue to assure free and fair presidential elections on 25 May 2014.

6. The next government of Ukraine should undertake a thorough constitutional review process, assuring inter alia language laws that fully respect both majority and minority languages, and assure a sound distribution of competences between national and sub-national authorities

7. Ukraine will join no military alliance.

8. Ukraine should have high-quality free trade with both the EU and the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan customs union.

9. The EU and the Russian-Belarus-Kazakhstan customs union should expedite negotiations over a common European economic space to which Ukraine should be eligible to become a full party.

10. A trilateral Ukrainian-Russian-European consortium should take in hand rehabilitation of the Ukrainian trunk gas pipeline network.

11. The price for the import of Russian gas into Ukraine should be pegged on the average German import price, less an amount reflecting shorter transit costs.