Ukrainians are patriotic and do not want federalisation or separatism

A new survey shows large majorities of the population in all four regions to consider themselves to be Ukrainian by nationality, and to be Ukrainian patriots, even if their language preferences are quite different. Large majorities in all four regions do not support any of three hypothetical political options, either for federalisation, or for separation into two states, or for the south and east to join Russia.

How far recent months of revolutionary turmoil have changed opinions is not known. However official Russian statements that 'only by federalisation can Ukraine be stabilised' does not correspond to the views of the Ukrainian people here surveyed, and are to be read as propaganda.

Source: 'Language, Identity, Politics – the Myth of the Two Ukraines', Joanna Fomina, Bertelsmann Stiftung and Institute of Public Affairs, April 2014 (opinion survey of 1000 persons, conducted in June 2013).