Putin's responsibility for Lugansk

On 14 June 49 Ukrainian military lost their lives as their aircraft was about to land at Lugansk airport, hit by surface to air missiles fired by separatists. This was just two days after three heavy battle tanks appeared on the separatist side of the Donetsk region without markings, and three weeks since the coup d'etat in Donetsk. Russia's collaboration in the separatist violence in Donetsk and Lugansk is beyond doubt. President Putin's statements to the contrary is as dishonest as his propoganda machine's allegations that Kyiv was run (and now?) by fascists. Newly elected President Poroshenko wants to reestablish peace in East Ukraine, without revenge, and to reestablish sound working relations with Russia. Putin is playing his own sinister game of destabilisation of East Ukraine instead, hoping maybe to create a new 'frozen conflcit' zone, but we understand well that Putin is an opportunistic player, waiting for opportunities to present themselves, or creating conditions propitious for creating interesting possibiliities. But this master tactician is responsible not just for for tearing up every single European norm of inter-state behaviour, as enshrined in the Helsinki Final Act of 1975, but now for a mounting toll of death, be it by war or not, and the responsibility is the same.