Geneva Quad Summit needed to stop the insanity of Ukrainians killing each other

Post-Odessa the debate rages -- what to do? Steinmeyer advocates a new Geneva Quad meeting, without saying what they should decide. Lavrov says no, unless the east Ukrainias are represented  -- by who? The self-styled president of the Donetsk Republic? Better idea, the EU should take a lead in proposing an ESDP operation worked up in conjunction with Ukrainians and Russian for a tripartite, triple flagged peace mission. (see But this would mean a strategic 180 degree turn away from the present ever more dangerous confrontation, civil war and proxy war between Ukraine and Russia, into a new concordat mode. Obviously desirable. But no-one except top leaders can decide this, so the next Geneva Quad should be at Summit level. Otherwise the insanity of Ukrainians killing each other continues and this peaceful country becomes a new Bosnia.