Crimea, Kosovo and the propaganda war

Russian UN Ambassador Churkin at the Security Council debate on 14 March invoked inter alia the Kosovo precedent to justify Crimea’s referendum over secession from Ukraine. This argument has been spread all over the Russian media, without mentioning the critical difference that Kosovo suffered grave injustice at the hands of Milosovic, whereas the only Crimeans to have suffered grave injustice are the Tartar minority at the hands of the Russian majority there, both in Soviet times when they were deported, or currently in post-Soviet times when they have been denied reasonable access to their former land holdings. Russian public opinion is also, for example, being informed that Kiev is now run by fascists, which anyone who knows or has observed Prime Minster Yatseniuk can see is complete rubbish. Most people in Europe do not watch Russian television, but they can watch the Russia Today international, English language channel, which delivers manifest propaganda every day. See a sample here