Amazing rubbish from Rogozin, the Kremlin's point man on Moldova

Dmitri Rogozin is quite unlike his bosses, either Putin or Lavrov. The president and foreign minster choose their words carefully and are well informed, even if they can be criticised for their deceptive spins on many stories. However Rogozin, the Kremlin's point man on Moldova, just speaks complete rubbish, as for example in:

"I am positive that association with the EU will alter the neutral status of Moldova. There is a certain rule all NATO members are aware of: you have to join NATO before entering into the EU. This rule will not be changed for Moldova. All countries have passed [this procedure]. So, association with the EU is the moment when Moldova grabs the handle of the NATO door. This door will open tomorrow". 


Rogozin, former Russian ambassador to NATO in Brussels, seems not to have remembered that Austria, Finland,  Sweden, Cyprus and Malta all entered the European Union without becoming NATO members. 

Rogozin has long had the reputation of being a Russian nationalist populist politician at home. But can he be taken seriously abroad?