CEPS European Neighbourhood Watch Archive

Issue n. 113, March 2015

Editorial: Crises in the neighbourhood should push CSDP forward

Issue n. 112, February 2015

Editorial: The rocky road to an EU-Armenia agreement: from U-turn to detour

Issue n. 111, January 2015

Editorial: The EU and its neighbours: predictions for 2015

Issue n. 110, December 2014

Editorial: Saving Libya from itself: What the EU should do now

Issue n. 109, November 2014

Editorial: Challenging times for the EU’s Enlargement Strategy

Issue n. 108, October 2014

Editorial: Priorities for the Next Legislature: EU neighbourhood policies

Issue n. 107, August-September 2014

Editorial: Burning sand: War crimes and shifting borders in the Middle East

Issue n. 106, July 2014

Editorial: Lessons from the Great War - Failure of leadership

Issue n. 105, June 2014

Editorial: Tunisia and Egypt: What promise remains of the Arab revolt?

Issue n. 104, May 2014

Editorial: 10 years since the ‘Big bang’ enlargement: impact on EU foreign policy

Issue n. 103, April 2014

Editorial: EU-Russia relations: Once bitten, twice shy

Issue n. 102, March 2014

Editorial: Shaping the emerging consensus on Syria

Issue n. 101, February 2014

Editorial: Preparing for a post-Yanukovich Ukraine

Issue n. 100, January 2014

Editorial: The EU’s neighbourhood policies in 2014: in need of a re-boot

Issue n. 99, December 2013

Editorial: A post-mortem of the Vilnius Summit: Not yet a ‘Thessoloniki moment’ for the Eastern Partnership?

Issue n. 98, November 2013

Editorial: Egypt and the EU: What next?

Issue n. 97, October 2013

Editorial: Vanishing lines in the sand – Why a new map of the Middle East is necessary

Issue n. 96, August-September 2013

Editorial: The Vilnius Summit on course for success: but the real work on the Eastern Partnership is yet to come

Issue n. 95, July 2013

Editorial: Croatia and the EU: The Catch-Up Issue

Issue n. 94, June 2013

Editorial: Too cold to handle: EU accession talks     with Iceland

Issue n. 93, May 2013

Editorial: Facilitated dialogue in the Balkans vindicates the EEAS

Issue n. 92, April 2013

Editorial: Enlargement Agenda - Special focus on Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo

Issue n. 91, March 2013

Editorial: Tunisia in turmoil: how should the EU react?

Issue n. 90, February 2013

Editorial: Strengthening the strategic choice offered to the EU’s southern Mediterranean neighbours

Issue n. 89, January 2013

Editorial: The EU’s External Action towards the Middle East: Resolution required

Issue n. 88, December 2012

Editorial: Towards a Eurasian Economic Union: Integration and cooperation

Issue n. 87, November 2012

Editorial: A Nobel Peace Prize to revive the EU enlargement process

Issue n. 86, October 2012

Editorial: Free and fair? A challenge for the EU as Georgia and Ukraine gear up for elections

Issue n. 85, September 2012

Editorial: The EEAS and the Eastern Partnership: let the blame game stop

Issue n. 84, July 2012

Editorial: Preparing for a post-Assad Syria: What role for the European Union?

Issue n. 83, June 2012

Editorial: History does not move in straight lines

Issue n. 82, May 2012

Editorial: Implications of the Eurozone crisis for EU foreign policy - costs and opportunities”

Issue n. 81, April 2012

Editorial: Do the BRICS make a Bloc?

Issue n. 80, March 2012

Editorial: The Ukraine Question

Issue n. 79, February 2012

Editorial: Some European comments Putin’s foreign and security policy

Issue n. 78, January 2012

Editorial: Putin’s faltering return

Issue n. 77, December 2011

Editorial: The Arab Spring – Is it a Revolution?

Issue n. 76, November 2011

Editorial: The Responsibility to Protect and Regime Change

Issue n. 75, October 2011

Editorial: East goes right, South goes left

Issue n. 74, August-September 2011

Editorial: The political and legal logic for Palestinian statehood

Issue n. 73, July 2011

Editorial: The Timoshenko case and the rule of law in Ukraine

Issue n. 72, June 2011

Editorial: The Arab Regatta – a half year report card

Issue n. 71, May 2011
Editorial: Review of the Review – of the European Neighbourhood Policy

Issue n. 70, April 2011
Editorial: Bringing Democracy Support onto the Front-burner 

Issue n. 69, March 2011

Editorial: Interculturalism between the twin hazards of multiculturalism and assimilation

Issue n. 68, February 2011

Editorial: Time for change: EU trade policy towards the Eastern Partners – The case of Georgia

Issue n. 67, January 2011

Editorial: Dignity, Democracies and Dynasties

Issue n. 66, December 2010

Editorial: Time for Justice in Kosovo

Issue n. 65, November 2010

Editorial: Civil society in the Eastern Partnership

Issue n. 64, October 2010

Editorial: Rendez-vous with Eastern Europe

Issue n. 63, September 2010

Editorial: Here is your opinion of the European Neighbourhood Policy


Issue n. 62, July/ August 2010

Editorial: What is your opinion of the European Neighbourhood Policy?


Issue n. 61, June 2010

Editorial: Turkey and its neighbourhood

Issue n. 60, May 2010

Editorial: Time for a Tripartite Gas Pipeline Consortium for Ukraine

Issue n. 59, April 2010

Editorial: Yanukovich’s dubious deal


Issue n. 58, March 2010
Editorial: Russia in Europe and the West

Issue n. 57, February 2010
Editorial: Messages from Central Asia for the High Representative

Issue n. 56, January 2010
Editorial: Sequel to the Lisbon Treaty for the EU’s diplomatic representation

Issue n. 55, December 2009
Editorial: What to do with President Medvedev’s draft European Security Treaty?

Issue n. 54, November 2009
Editorial: EU Foreign Policy enters the post-Lisbon Treaty Era and the new Global Terra Incognita
Issue n. 53, October 2009
Editorial:  From Central Asia into EurAsia

Issue n. 52, September 2009

Editorial:  Scrapping the missiles - a tipping point?

Issue n. 51, July 2009

Editorial: Russian Games with the WTO and the International Order

Issue n. 50, June 2009

Editorial: Islam, Obama and Europe

Issue n.49, May 2009

Editorial: Do we detect a neo-Finlandisation in the Eastern neighbourhood?

Issue n. 48, April 2009

Editorial: Synergies vs.Spheres of Influence

Issue n. 47, March 2009

Editorial: And so Russia walked out...

Issue n. 46, February 2009

Editorial: The crisis spreads to Eastern Europe

Issue n. 45, January 2009

Editorial: Just Monitoring Crises

Issue n. 44, December 2008
Editorial: Closing down on 2008

Issue n. 43, November 2008

Editorial: Security Architecture, Security Community
Issue n. 42, October 2008

Editorial: Two Overlapping Crises
Issue n. 41, September 2008

Editorial: The August war and beyond

Issue n. 40, July 2008

Editorial: The EU's conflicts on the mend?

Issue n. 39, June 2008

Editorial: Probing the wider European Order

Issue n. 38, May 2008

Editorial: Time for a strategic bargain with Russia

Issue n. 37, April 2008

Editorial: After Bucharest

Issue n. 36, March 2008

Editorial: Sarkozy's Med Union comes down to earth

Issue n. 35, February 2008

Editorial: The Kosovo decisions, not so bad after all

Issue n. 34, January 2008

Editorial: Ukraine starts afresh

Issue n. 33, December 2007

Editorial: From Kosovo to generalized conflict escalation, or resolution


Issue n. 32, November 2007

Editorial: Annapolis, 27 November 2007


Issue n. 31, October 2007

Editorial: Sarkozy’s Union of the Mediterranean


Issue n. 30, September 2007

Editorial: A European Solution for Kosovo


Issue n. 29, July 2007

Editorial: The wider neighbourhood is in not such good shape

Issue n. 28, June 2007

Strengthening the ENP


Issue n. 27, May 2007

Editorial: EU-Russia post-Samara


Issue n. 26, April 2007

Editorial: In memoriam – Boris Yeltsin


Issue n. 25, March 2007

Editorial: 50th anniversary texts


Issue n. 24, February 2007

UN Kosovo Status Plan


Issue n. 23, January 2007

Europe struggles to come at terms with its Mediterranean neighbours


Issue n. 22, December 2006

EU Enlargement


Issue n. 21, November 2006

Editorial: Enlargement Processes of the EU and NATO


Issue n. 20, October 2006

EU-Russia relations

Issue n. 19, September 2006

Middle East - Lebanon


Issue n. 18, July 2006

Finnish Presidency

Issue n. 17, June 2006

European Council Presidency Conclusions on Enlargement


Issue n.16, May 2006

The European Round Table of Industrialists on the EU-Russia relatioship


Issue n.15, April 2006

Bulgaria and Romania - accession prospects


Issue n.14, March 2006

Presidential elections in Belarus


Issue n.13, February 2006

Kremlin takes a new foreign policy approach, CEPS Commentary


Issue n.12, January 2006

What to do about Gazprom monopoly power?


Issue n.11, December 2005

Euromed Summit Barcelona - Five Year Work Programme


Issue n.10, November 2005

Commission 2005 Enlargement Strategy Paper


Issue n.9, October 2005

Commission monitoring report on Bulgaria and Romania


Issue n.8, September 2005:

Foreign ministers conclusions on Turkey and Croatia1


Issue n.7, August 2005

Borjomi Declaration of Presidents Saakashvili and Yushchenko


Issue n.6, July 2005

The European Union as Promoter of Democracy in Its Neighbourhood


Issue n.5, June 2005

Editorial: Russian Views on Europe


Issue n.4, May 2005:

Tenth Anniversary of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership


Issue n.3, April 2005

The Revolutionary Evolution in Moldova


Issue n.2, March 2005:

European Neighbourhood Policy and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Egypt and


Issue n.1, February 2005:

"Ukraine’s future is in the EU", Address by President of Ukraine, European