The Ever-Changing Union: An Introduction to the History, Institutions and Decision-making Processes of the European Union, 2nd Fully Revised Edition

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18 April 2011
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This fully revised, second edition of the Ever-Changing Union provides a concise overview of the EU’s history, institutional structures and decision-making processes. It looks at the fundamental principles of European integration and describes the progress of this integration from its beginning. It also covers the EU’s main institutions and how they interact in the decision-making process as a whole. This new edition focuses on the changes introduced by the Lisbon Treaty and explains how the EU’s external action is conducted by the post-Lisbon EU. Other additions to this second edition are new sections on the EU budget, the euro and its governance, lobbying and interest representation.

This book is written for those with an initial or occasional interest in European policies and politics. More particularly, the authors believe it will be useful for civil servants, diplomats, business and NGO representatives, as well as students and scholars who encounter the EU in their work.

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